Saturday, 30 December

Just got back from Lungta, at 46th and NE Sandy. It has a wonderful hole-in-the-wall ambiance (seriously, we love the casual places), with Tibetan music and many examples of the restaurant's namesake, "windhorses"--colorful flags flown outside Tibetan homes.

We ordered the Tsel Momo, a vegetable dumpling that can be ordered steamed or fried, and Tsel Balab (I think--I didn't write it down. #13), a vegetable turnover.

If you like cilantro, the Balab is for you, as it's positively packed with the demon weed stuff. We ordered the momos steamed, and they were mild and delicious. The meal also came with a lovely lentil soup, which the Spousal Unit gleefully used for dipping.

We'll definitely be back to try the rest of their vegetarian fare. Though we'll ask about cilantro next time.