Monday, 13 February
Bento 06 February 13

Bento 06 February 13, originally uploaded by frykitty.

Mine is on the left, Spousal Unit's on the right. Using a couple of new boxes today! They are smaller than our original bento boxes, which caused a little spousal pouting.

The contents (L to R): veggie curry left over from dinner, rice with a basil leaf on top, celery sticks, pistachios, sugar-free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, tangelos.

Wednesday, 01 February
New boxes

New boxes, originally uploaded by frykitty.

The red one on the left is just a standard two-tier plastic box. The one on the right is a lovely vintage lacquer piece of undetermined age.

Bento 2 February 06

Bento 2 February 06, originally uploaded by frykitty.

I ruined two batches of rice tonight! But I went with the second, mushy one anyway. There are eggs with the veggie rolls, and to the right there's a burrito and some broccoli. The little cheese stars are standing in sour cream.

Saturday, 28 January
Cricket Box

Cricket Box, originally uploaded by frykitty.

Hee...I just realized I said "another new box" below, when I hadn't posted this one yet.

It is several decades old (hard to say exactly how old). Though I will proudly serve with it, I certainly would not pack it for lunch. The three shimmering trays are ceramic.

Incidentally, while this was sold as a bento box, I would not be surprised if it serves some other purpose. If anyone knows, I'd love to hear.

Bambi bento

Bambi bento, originally uploaded by frykitty.

Another new bento box! We went to Anzen today, a rare occasion since it's a bit of a trip. I stocked up on delicious things, and found this box. It's rather large, and would be best used to serve a meal for two. I think I shall use it for a picnic.

Wednesday, 25 January
Bento 25 January 06

06jan25, originally uploaded by frykitty.

Tonight I tried out my new mini-cookie cutters to make cheese flowers. *glee*

The brown stuff is Yummy Lentil Splog, recipe below.

Spousal Unit (left) has eggs, broccoli, carrots, and a small treat of chocolate (sugar free godiva).

I have grapes and a couple honey bbq wings.

Sunday, 22 January
Bento 22 January 06

Bento 22 January 06, originally uploaded by frykitty.

The faces are leftover spaghetti, meatless balls, and roasted tomatoes. For the Spousal Unit (left), eggs in a bed of dill, roasted asparagus, and balsamic hummus with pistachios. For me, carrots and a tuna bagel.

Tuesday, 17 January
First Bento of the New Year

06jan17, originally uploaded by frykitty.

On the left is balsamic hummus (storebought) topped with a little green onion, pistachios, and blue corn chips. On the right is some crusted tofu and stir-fried veggies leftover from tonight's dinner.

Friday, 05 August
First bento in the new place!

First bento in the new place!, originally uploaded by frykitty.

In the far container, guacamole-cream cheese wraps, with some extra guac. Close up, sliced red pepper, olives, and some cottage cheese with a sliced cucumber for garnish.

(This is also my first post from Flickr)

Monday, 29 November
Bento 15

Finally, bentos! I'm just making them for the Spousal Unit these days, as I've gone half time at work. And yes, I'd rather leave at noon than have a bento.

Today's yummies are rice and eggs on the left. I thought it would be pretty to mix a plain egg with a soy-soaked egg, and that's a little dill you see peeking through. On the right are hummous rolls (hummous with red pepper and little jalapeno tabasco, rolled in a tortilla), peanuts, and some wonderful homemade pickles from our friend Wendie.

Friday, 16 July
Bento 14

I'm off to Webvisions today, where I am unlikely to encounter a refrigerator, so today's bento is just for the Spousal Unit.

On the bottom are beans (More beans! Woo!), and leftover Veggie-san roll from Dragonfish. On the top is a salad made from zucchini, tomato, and orange pepper, with a dollop of olive paste on top. In the little compartments are potato salad (More potato salad! Woo!), and a spoonful or two of raspberry jam. Which is about the only way I can get my SU to eat fruit.

Wednesday, 14 July
Bento 13

I had most of the top part ready, and was just going to fill it in with orange bell pepper, but when I sliced off a side, I saw that it was heart-shaped. Who can resist a heart filled with potato salad?

Other than that, today's bento is same-old, same old, but with some pretty basil on the beans.

Tuesday, 13 July
Bento 12

Mostly the same stuff as yesterday, with the exception of peas and carrots. See how cleverly I've bent the carrot sticks around the cupcake?

*pats self on back*

Monday, 12 July
Bento 11

Well that's a mighty disappointing picture. Ah well, sealed up and stuffed in backpacks now.

What you see through the blur are nori rolls with celery and sauteed zucchini, beans, potato salad, half a cupcake, and a tortilla roll--mine with cream cheese and veggies and SU's with olive salad.


Friday, 11 June
Bento 10

Today is just bento for Spousal Unit, as I have the day off. In addition to rice, he has cherry tomatoes, dates, and soy-soaked eggs. You can't see it, but the eggs are in a bed of fresh dill from the farmer's market, so it all smells wonderful.

Monday, 07 June
Bento 9

This time, I put the bento box in Spousal Unit's backpack myself.

For a change, the rolls are not Yuki leftovers, but homemade. They contain a bit of chutney, sauteed carrots & garlic, and red pepper. They're quite strong and sweet. With the rolls are an omelette and an orange cherry tomato or two.

On the left are dates, cantaloupe, and corn.

Thursday, 03 June
Bento 8
Wednesday, 02 June
Bento 7

Blurry picture! Ack! I'm working on taking more artful pictures. Obviously, trying to do so in two minutes because I'm rushing out the door is not a good idea. The other shots I tried were even worse.

Pretty basic today: rice, beans, egg, peaches. This is hubby's bento. I got strawberries instead of peaches.

Friday, 28 May
Bento 6

Real bento boxes! I couldn't resist going to the local Japanese grocery, Anzen, last night. I was looking for something more like these (scroll down), but happily settled for more traditional boxes. I'll get the lids in a picture soon.

Today's fare is leftover veggie rolls from Yuki (yep, hopelessly hooked) and an omelette on the bottom half (the boxes stack), and lotus root salad, peanuts, and some beans and barley on the top.

Wednesday, 26 May
Bento 5

Today's bento looks more like a veggie tray, because Manic Organic delivered our bin yesterday.

In the corners are bagels with cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber. Red pepper, celery, and carrot are on either side, with an apricot and a chunk of cauliflower at top and bottom.

Tuesday, 25 May
Bento 4
Monday, 24 May
Bento 3
Sunday, 23 May
Bento 2

My, that looks kind of disgusting. It isn't, I assure you. I was in a hurry as I got distracted on the way to making lunch. There's a bit of rice, sliced roma tomato, more marinated zucchini salad. That glop in the lower-right corner is lentil pate with some red pepper-tofu spread on top.

Saturday, 22 May
Bento 1

I've recently become fascinated with bento boxes, in large part due to the wonderful moblog of Mizuko Ito.

I'm not all that interested in authenticity--it's the idea that I love. Little lunches of many delicious and healthy foods, contrasting taste, texture, color. The above is my second box. The first one was...ick. I should have taken a picture anyway, but by the time I got done peeling too-fresh eggs, I was cranky. I don't own anything approaching a real bento box--plastic or otherwise--yet, so gladware will have to do.

Today's is mostly leftover zushi and tempura veggies from Yuki, plus sliced red pepper, and marinated zucchini salad with carrot.