Monday, 13 February
Bento 06 February 13

Bento 06 February 13, originally uploaded by frykitty.

Mine is on the left, Spousal Unit's on the right. Using a couple of new boxes today! They are smaller than our original bento boxes, which caused a little spousal pouting.

The contents (L to R): veggie curry left over from dinner, rice with a basil leaf on top, celery sticks, pistachios, sugar-free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, tangelos.

Friday, 03 February
Fried Rice

friedrice06feb03, originally uploaded by frykitty.

I've been working on my food photography. This is still pretty crappy, but getting better.

Wednesday, 01 February
New boxes

New boxes, originally uploaded by frykitty.

The red one on the left is just a standard two-tier plastic box. The one on the right is a lovely vintage lacquer piece of undetermined age.

Bento 2 February 06

Bento 2 February 06, originally uploaded by frykitty.

I ruined two batches of rice tonight! But I went with the second, mushy one anyway. There are eggs with the veggie rolls, and to the right there's a burrito and some broccoli. The little cheese stars are standing in sour cream.