Monday, 25 July
Pastini Pastaria

Pastini Pastaria
1506 NW 23rd
Me: Cannelloni Frutti di Mare ($8.95)
Him: Ziti Vegetariano ($5.95)
Us: Chocolate Tartufo ($4.95)

I finally remembered to take pictures of our meal--but some of them were a little late! Here's the cannelloni, already chopped up into pieces before I remembered to grab the camera:

This cannelloni was great comfort food, and the sauce absolutely begged to be sopped up with the Pearl Bakery bread. Nothing challenging, a little fishy-tasting. Just good basic Italian. Note the plate: "pastaria" has an "e" where it shouldn't. I would have cried if I'd ordered these plates--but the overall effect is kind of charming.

The Spousal Unit's Ziti Vegetariano was, again, very good basic food. He found the vegetables a little overcooked. I found the raw basil to be a bit green and jarring--though he really enjoyed it. And yes, those are his arms.

Again, I was far too late with the camera here. The Chocolate Tartufo was the highlight of the meal. The cake was very nearly a pudding, and fantastic when paired with the ice cream. Suddenly, the SU was unhappy he'd finished his entire meal and was full. But he made room somehow for a few bites.

Great things about Pastini:

  • More than half the pasta dishes are vegetarian. To see this in a mainstream restaurant blew us away.
  • Portions are human-sized. I'm sure I've mentioned a few times how I hate to be piled with more food than any human can or should eat in one setting. Pastini gets it right.

Pastini is a family restaurant, and we saw several come in while we were there. The setting is easy-going, the service is very good, the prices are extremely reasonable, and the food is what I'm craving when I think Italian. This one's a keeper.

Sunday, 10 July
The Original Taco House

3550 SE Powell Blvd (via D-Dish)
Me: Jalapeno Poppers, Old Fashioned Tamale with Onions, Tortilla Soup.
Spousal Unit: Cheddar Cheese and Onion Enchilada, Mexi-bowl.
Note: We ordered a side of REAL sour cream, since we were out.

It should be a clue when the menu says "real" sour cream, as if that's a treat. Above is what we ordered, but the enchilada was quite absent from the box where we suppose it should have been. So, lots of rice and beans. But that considered, The Original Taco House was pretty much as expected--just basic american mex, nothing special.

The pico de gallo that came with the meal was good for mixing with the rice and beans to cut the smokey flavor of chipotle, which the Spousal Unit hates. The poppers were decent, and the tamale perfectly edible. The soup was heavy with cilantro, which I cannot stand--but I figure I take my chances at any Mexican eatery. There was plenty to eat. This is the place you order from when you want non-fancy volume. For a little over $30, we ate for days.

Just make sure they get your order right.