Friday, 28 May
Bento 6

Real bento boxes! I couldn't resist going to the local Japanese grocery, Anzen, last night. I was looking for something more like these (scroll down), but happily settled for more traditional boxes. I'll get the lids in a picture soon.

Today's fare is leftover veggie rolls from Yuki (yep, hopelessly hooked) and an omelette on the bottom half (the boxes stack), and lotus root salad, peanuts, and some beans and barley on the top.

Wednesday, 26 May
Bento 5

Today's bento looks more like a veggie tray, because Manic Organic delivered our bin yesterday.

In the corners are bagels with cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber. Red pepper, celery, and carrot are on either side, with an apricot and a chunk of cauliflower at top and bottom.

Tuesday, 25 May
Bento 4
Monday, 24 May
Bento 3
Sunday, 23 May
Sunday Cooking

Today's theme: balls. I was cooking mostly with an eye toward bento boxes for the next few days.

  • Sticky rice balls were stuffed with marinated zucchini, roasted garlic, and green onions, then coated with sesame seeds.
  • Falafel balls were made from mix--my first try with the mix from the bins at Whole Foods. If it doesn't work out, I'll go back to making my own.
  • Redfox mentioned she'd made marinated mozzarella balls, so I played copy-cat and used her balsamic vinaigrette, with the addition of a little honey.
  • A cantaloupe served up frozen melon balls.
  • Several eggs were boiled, and when the time is right, I shall peel them and soak them in soy sauce for 15 minutes. Oblong yes, but balls still.

Finally, out of theme, I cooked a pot of adzuki beans with barley, adding salsa and tomato.

Balls, I say!

Bento 2
Saturday, 22 May
Bento 1

I've recently become fascinated with bento boxes, in large part due to the wonderful moblog of Mizuko Ito.

I'm not all that interested in authenticity--it's the idea that I love. Little lunches of many delicious and healthy foods, contrasting taste, texture, color. The above is my second box. The first one was...ick. I should have taken a picture anyway, but by the time I got done peeling too-fresh eggs, I was cranky. I don't own anything approaching a real bento box--plastic or otherwise--yet, so gladware will have to do.

Today's is mostly leftover zushi and tempura veggies from Yuki, plus sliced red pepper, and marinated zucchini salad with carrot.

Monday, 17 May

1705 NE Couch. Recommended by DJ.

Sunday Cooking

Much in line with the esteemed Redfox on Saturday, I had a most pleasant Sunday putting together yummy things for the rest of the week. The (unintentional) theme was "things we can slap on a bagel for a quick yum."

From What's Cooking: Vegetarian, I whipped up the Lentil Pate. Sadly, it didn't set up properly, but it still makes an amazing spread.

I also marinated some veggies in garlic tamari and olive oil, and roasted them for sandwiches. They are almost gone already. Dinner was an open-faced sandwich: slices of good french bread spread with pate and topped with roasted veggies. Oh my, but that was good.

Quick Vegetarian Pleasures has a marinated mushroom recipe I used for the second time yesterday. It involves a little olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, a couple cloves of diced garlic, a sprig or two of chopped parsley, and salt. Leave it in the fridge for about 24 hours, and give it a turn (I put it in a plastic keeper, so I just shake it, baby, shake it) when you think of it. The result are wonderful shrooms you can use in anything. Okay, except maybe ice cream.

I also got rid of our over-abundance of Manic Organic fruit--mostly oranges--by putting together a quick fruit salad. Many oranges and a little juice, a couple sliced bananas, a pear and an apple, some unsweetened coconut (the Spousal Unit informs me this marks my salad as trailer park cuisine. To that I say: "MY PEOPLE!"), a bit of honey, and a bit more of real maple syrup. This, unlike marinated mushrooms, was most amazing with ice cream, I tells ya.

Was there something else? Oh yeah, another batch of Onion Confit, with mushrooms added in the last 10 minutes of cooking. Hubby has that on a sammich for lunch.

All in all, fun was had, and food was et.

Thursday, 06 May
Egg Salad Annie...