Monday, 15 March

3520 SE Powell
Kitty: Dungeness Crab Fettuccine Alfredo
Bill: Vegetable Pizza
Dessert: Two-timing Chocolate Cheesecake
Cost: About $44

I had high hopes for DeNicola's, as I remember wonderful meals there as a child. Sadly, I think my tastes have matured.

Bill's pizza was made from the cheapest veggies, and the garlic was from a jar. It was good, he said, but not great. My pasta was fine, but again, the ingredients were not the best. The cake was also good. But here's the thing: it was nowhere near good enough to justify the price. This is average food, in a town where I've come to expect better. There's a lot of great Italian in Portland, so there's no reason to try DeNicola's again.