Sunday, 08 February
Noho's Hawaiian Cafe

2525 SE Clinton St. (via d-dish)
Bill: Yakisoba Noodles, side of kimchee, chocolate haupia
Kitty: Teriyaki Steak, coconut cream pie
Cost: About $45 with tip.

I love sticky rice.

The teriyaki steak came in a stack of four flavorful slices, perfect with that rice what I loves so much. Bill was in heaven over his kimchee, and the noodles were great. We both enjoyed our desserts--though Bill didn't get what he ordered. We think it was the guava cheesecake rather than the chocolate haupia. It's a good restaurant that can get the order wrong and have the customer not care.

I really need to learn to make my own sticky rice, but until I do, we'll just order from Noho's.

Tuesday, 03 February
Slaw ala Kitty