Friday, 23 January
Iron Horse Cafe

6034 SE Milwaukie Ave.
(via D-dish)
Appetizer: Jalapeno poppers
Kitty: Veggie combo plate with chili relleno and veggie burrito Cecilia
Bill: Veggie combo w/mushroom tamale and veggie burrito
Dessert: Coca-cola cake, key lime pie

Mmmmm. Everything was just wonderful. My burrito had all sorts of veggies in it, even zucchini and carrots. I'd never had a roasted chili relleno before, and I'll be ordering that again. My favorite: the poppers tasted just like the kind I used to make for myself. I've long since given up the deep fryer, and am glad to finally have a substitute. I think I may pay for my overindulgence.

The key lime pie is still waiting, as Bill was completely stuffed on his mushroom tamale and veggie burrito. They do not skimp on shrooms--they truly make up the bulk of the dish. I didn't care for the cake--it's okay with frosting, but the cake itself has a funky aftertaste, and is barely sweetened. Pretty much in line with other Mexican sweets I've had, I suppose, but not my thang. I like me some sugah.

Overall, just excellent. Lots of veggie options, and so very good. We'll be ordering from them again, I'm sure.

Monday, 19 January
Vegetarian House
Friday, 16 January
Green Papaya

1135 SW Morrison St
Bill: Tomato tofu
Kitty: Filet Mignon
Side: Garlic string beans

Note to the management: Hire more people! Your waitstaff are buried!

There are a reasonable amount of vegetarian dishes on the menu (four entrees and two side dishes), but no veggie appetizers, which was a little disappointing (okay, we're spoiled--it seems like we can always find a veggie appetizer).

Bill's tofu tasted just like something I would cook, as the chef used the same base of onions, garlic, and peppers that I often do. This is a good thing, but not something he felt he needed to go to a restaurant for.

My steak was fantastic. In a sauce of French butter, olive oil, and cognac, it was tender and oh-so-flavorful. I finished every bit of it and the butter lettuce beneath it. Additionally, I must say the string beans were the best I've ever had--perfectly cooked in light garlic and soy sauce, with a hint of sweetness. Yummo.

Still, we won't go back. Someone in comments here once asked me if I wouldn't be going back to a restaurant because of service or food. I answered that food is #1, but both are deal breakers in a restaurant-rich town like Portland. Even if the food is excellent, there's no good reason to go back to a place where waitstaff must be hunted and flagged (I hate flagging waitstaff--it makes me feel boorish) after waiting 20 minutes in hopes of getting a fork or a check.

If you don't mind waiting around, then I definitely recommend Green Papaya just for the food.