Friday, 28 November
Wong's King

1710 SE Tacoma
(via D-Dish)
Appetizers: Egg Rolls
Bill: Szechuan Vegetable, Kung Pao Tofu
Kitty: Sweet and Sour Pork

[Note: I'm writing this entry about a month late, so don't remember too well.]

We tried Wong's King because they have a lot of vegetarian choices for Bill. He liked the Kung Pao Tofu very much, and the veggie fried rice was great. We both enjoyed the egg rolls. The flavor on the sweet and sour was good, though it was yellow instead of red (hey, one food coloring is pretty much as good as the next). While the Szechuan Vegetables weren't bad, they ended up languishing in the fridge.

16 Jan 04 Addendum: We've ordered twice more from Wong's King. The sweet and sour shrimp and veggie lo mein are absolutely wonderful.