Sunday, 31 August
Francis Xavier's

Located at 1933 NE 181st, Xavier's is an easy breakfast stop if you're heading east for the day. Just take the 181st Avenue exit off I-84 E, turn right, turn right again at the first light, and go left into the parking lot.

Xavier's is always serving great breakfasts--they have a great eggs benedict, and one of the best chocolate milkshakes I've ever had.

I have occasion to rent a car about twice a year, and I always find an excuse to head out to Xavier's at least once.

The Apple Peddler
Friday, 15 August

The search for good Chinese food continues. Sungari, 735 SW 1st, had decent rice, but I found my cashew chicken to be very salty. Bill's garlic spinach was good, but no better than the same dish at Alessandro's.

I enjoyed the decor very much--calm and bold at the same time, Asian minimalist is a favorite look of mine. But the food was just not worth going back for.

Tuesday, 05 August
India Oven