Wednesday, 23 July

Oh, this was goooood.

I had the Tambor Maiz, which is a corn casserole, served with herbed avocado, rice, and beans. Just wonderful. The pumpkin fritters we had for an apetizer were good as well.

Senn and DJ had the communist plate, which was rice and beans with yucca root. The root is much like potato--a bit sweeter and chewier.

Wednesday, 16 July
Mazatlan Taqueria

Yummy mexican food on the cheap at 1st and Pine, close to Kell's.

Saturday, 12 July
Greek Cusina


Okay, the atmosphere leaves something to be desired, but the Greek Cusina on 4th and SW Washington has food to die for. It's a great place to take guests, because there's something for everyone--vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores. It's become a favorite, and every time I go I try something new. I haven't been disappointed with the food or the service yet.