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May 23, 2005

India House

1038 SW Morrison St
Both: had the Vegetarian Thali

Going to India House was actually an accident. We had friends in from far away parts, and thought it would be nice to take them to the restaurant we usually order from through D-dish. Well, silly me got India Grill and India House mixed up. Turns out it was serendipitous.

We walked in at about 7:45pm with a party of seven. The restaurant was completely full...except for one table suitable for a party of seven. A good sign. We chatted and discussed dishes, and the server was very helpful with someone new to Indian food, who only knew she didn't like what Americans think of as curry. She got a tasty biryani.

The Spousal Unit and I both had one of their little combo platters--thalis. It included a sampling of five dishes plus appetizers, naan, and dessert. My only complaint is that the dhal was to ginger-heavy. Otherwise, the food was all solidly delicious.

So now we have a place to duck into when we're downtown, and don't feel like Italian.

Posted by Cat Connor on May 23, 2005 09:42 AM