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May 08, 2005

Il Piatto

2348 SE Ankeny St.
Ordered through D-Dish
Appetizer: Bruschetta alle Verdure
Me: Ravioli di Salmone Fumato, Chocolate Torte
Spousal Unit: Risotto al Funghi, Orange and Chocolate Cassatta

Il Piatto is not for the faint of taste. With very strong flavors, this Italian is for the gourmand. Which, sadly, Spousal Unit and I are not so much.

The Bruschetta all Verdure was garlic bread with three different toppings--a bean spread, a warm spinach salad, and a marinated tomato salad. The white bean spread was very much like hummous with beans. Very strong and warm. The spinach salad included fully as much chopped garlic as spinach, and the tomato salad looked like an inviting salsa. The first two tasted very strongly of raw garlic, and were a bit too much for me. The SU liked all three, and made them his dinner because...

...there is such a thing as too much mushroom. The Risotto al Funghi was far too strong, and was an exceedingly unappetizing grey color. I know one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but with food, appearance counts!

My smoked salmon ravioli in a lemon cream sauce was done perfectly, but again, a little strong for my taste. A true foodie would no doubt have absolutely loved it. The ravioli was a surprise--I expected cheese or another filler with salmon there for flavor, when in fact the filling was salmon all the way. And excellent salmon at that. The capers were a bit overdone, and certainly overwhelming with the already quite tangy lemon cream sauce.

What saved this whole meal was dessert. Il Piatto's chocolate torte is the stuff of dreams. Perfectly balanced, rich, with a flavor that keeps changing and deepening as a bite is held in the mouth. I also got a taste of the Spousal Unit's Orange and Chocolate Cassatta, which was much lighter, and a well-balanced blend of citrus and chocolate. I believe I detected a hint of hazelnut as well.

We will probably order again, but only dessert. Our peasant palates were overwhelmed by the rich flavors of Il Piatto.

Posted by Cat Connor on May 8, 2005 10:03 PM