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July 10, 2004

Romano's Macaroni Grill

300 SW Yamhill St.
Stuffed Portabello
Capellini Pomodoro
Tuscan Rib-eye (I think)

It's been about a month since we went to Romano's, and I keep forgetting to write about it. Normally, we'd just go again so I could have a fresher impression. This is not an option. Not that it matters--I remember the experience (with the exception of what, exactly, I ate) quite well.

The Spousal Unit was miserable. His allergies were acting up, and he was sneezing his poor beleaguered brains out as we bussed to the restaurant. We were looking forward to a clean, air-conditioned atmosphere where he could recover. Unfortunatly, Romano's is rather like being at a barbeque. The entire restaurant was filled with a smokey haze from the grill. Whether this is ambiance or design flaw, I do not know; I only know that it was extremely unpleasant.

Our server, bless her heart, was very concerned about my suffering spouse, and did her best. For the exceedingly overbearing service, I blame neither her, nor any of the other staff. It's clear they are trained by the chain to interrupt your meal every few minutes and ask: "Is it great!? Do you love it!?" (No, I'm not kidding--it's unbelievable.)

The meal was exactly what one would expect from a national chain--straight middlin'. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing exceptional. I enjoyed the stuffed portabello very much. Bill's pomodoro was edible, but nothing like he's used to (from Porto Terra), and my steak (I'm pretty sure I had one--ah, fickle memory), was adequate. Nothing that would inspire us to again brave the (bbq) pit and the friendlylum.

I do feel for the waitstaff there. We tipped well and fled.

Posted by Cat Connor on July 10, 2004 10:10 AM