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January 19, 2004

Vegetarian House

On NW Fourth between Burnside and Couch
"Chicken" Curry
Broccoli "Beef"
Veggie fried rice
Veggie spring rolls

I admit, what I was hoping for when I heard about a new vegan restaurant was a menu full of the wonderful variety and flavor of plant-based foods. Instead, Vegetarian House is standard San Francisco Chinese food made with meat substitutes. That said, it's damned good.

The menu is divided much like one at a standard Chinese restaurant--by meats. It seems a little funny to ask for "veggie" broccoli beef when everything is vegan, but I imagine it's done that way to avoid confusion.

Bill's loved his curry--it reminded him of a curry dish his mom used to make. I thought the broccoli beef was as good as any meat-based dish I'd had. I also loved the spring rolls. The flavoring on the fried rice was a little off, but it still mixed well with the curry.

The good food and good service will likely make this bright little restaurant a regular stop for us.

Posted by Cat Connor on January 19, 2004 06:37 PM