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January 16, 2004

Green Papaya

1135 SW Morrison St
Bill: Tomato tofu
Kitty: Filet Mignon
Side: Garlic string beans

Note to the management: Hire more people! Your waitstaff are buried!

There are a reasonable amount of vegetarian dishes on the menu (four entrees and two side dishes), but no veggie appetizers, which was a little disappointing (okay, we're spoiled--it seems like we can always find a veggie appetizer).

Bill's tofu tasted just like something I would cook, as the chef used the same base of onions, garlic, and peppers that I often do. This is a good thing, but not something he felt he needed to go to a restaurant for.

My steak was fantastic. In a sauce of French butter, olive oil, and cognac, it was tender and oh-so-flavorful. I finished every bit of it and the butter lettuce beneath it. Additionally, I must say the string beans were the best I've ever had--perfectly cooked in light garlic and soy sauce, with a hint of sweetness. Yummo.

Still, we won't go back. Someone in comments here once asked me if I wouldn't be going back to a restaurant because of service or food. I answered that food is #1, but both are deal breakers in a restaurant-rich town like Portland. Even if the food is excellent, there's no good reason to go back to a place where waitstaff must be hunted and flagged (I hate flagging waitstaff--it makes me feel boorish) after waiting 20 minutes in hopes of getting a fork or a check.

If you don't mind waiting around, then I definitely recommend Green Papaya just for the food.

Posted by Cat Connor on January 16, 2004 08:23 PM


Ah...Vietnam. Some suggestions:

Yen Ha - 68th and NE Sandy
My favorite Vietnamese joint in PDX. Best salad rolls in town - and a hot curry seafood soup to die for.

Pho Hung - around 45th and SE Powell.
Pho Vietnam - 83rd and Powell.

The list goes on....


Posted by: Greg on May 14, 2004 11:53 AM

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