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October 10, 2003

Rose and Raindrop

Appetizer: brie and roasted garlic on bread
Dessert: 4-layer chocolate cake
Kitty: Shoulder steak, black-bean soup
Bill: Veggie lasagna and salad
Cost: About $55

Everything was top-notch. I didn't expect a perfect delivery (we used d-dish again) steak, and it was medium rather than medium-rare, but oh boy, it was still tender and wonderful. The green beans that came with were a little too green, but the mashed potatoes were delicious without any add-ons.

Bill loved his veggie lasagna, and the salad was gorgeous. We shared my black-bean soup, which was eye-rollingly good.

The cake (we shared one piece) was rich, with a dark bite.

This will be our place to go when I have a steak craving, but we still want good vegetarian for Bill.

7/4/04 UPDATE: I don't know what happened, but we ordered again from R&R about a week ago, and the whole meal was bad. Ah well.

Posted by Cat Connor on October 10, 2003 09:00 AM